OUR vision is to help create a world within which people may co-exist happily in Nature.  We love to see children running barefoot ‘earthing’ and connecting through soil, stones and grasses.  OUR mission is to create an abundance of ‘flow’ of that which Mother Earth provides, on to YOU, our nurturers and healers of the world.  

Minerals, Organic Herbs, Native edible Bush Tukka plants are the key to our business, we wish for you to enjoy these botanicals & products, and embrace them into your daily lives just as we do ourselves, celebrating OUR RAW EARTH in all its wholesome, nourishing goodness!

Wide Variety of Organic Dried Herbs

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'Essentially Australia'

Support local Australian Essential Oils, 100% natural, high quality, pure Australian oils, grown right here in Australia.

'Essentially Australia' aspire to offer premier aromatic and medicinal products for the mind, body and home, all of which are derived from Australian native oils.

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'Pure Planet' Toilet Paper

'Pure Planet' 3-ply Toilet Tissue is 100% plastic-free and tree-free, and is made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane.

"The reason we chose bamboo is because it’s the fastest-growing plant on the planet, reaching its maximum height in just four months, making it the most renewable source of material available. Sugarcane is also super eco-friendly, and has rapid reproduction speeds of less than one year."

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'Kaiyu' Kakadu Plum Powder

The Kakadu Plums for 'Kaiyu' freeze-dried Kakadu Plum powder come from Northern Territory Indigenous communities and Indigenous growers/wild harvesters.

When buying 'Kaiyu' Kakadu Plum powder, you are supporting families and employment in Indigenous communities.

Kakadu Plums have the highest level of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world. 'Kaiyu' Kakadu Plum Powder contains 15500 mg/100g so half a teaspoon (1g) is more than the adult daily requirement.

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Our Raw Earth

Mother, I feel you under my feet,
Mother, I hear your heartbeat,
Mother, I feel you under my feet,
Mother, I hear your heartbeat.

Mother, I hear you in the river's song,
Eternal waters flowing on and on,
Mother, I hear you in the river's song,
Eternal waters flowing on and on.

Windsong Dianne Martin

Find your teachers in the voice of the forests, 
Unplug, you cant ignore this, 
Wisdom of the voiceless. 
Remedies are bountiful and surround us, 
From the garden to the farthest, 
Prayer made of star dust. 

Rising Appalachia

Bodies of info performing such miracles,
I am a miracle made up of particles,
And in this existence,
I'll stay persistent,
And I'll make a difference,
And I will have lived it.

Nahko Bear



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