Hilde Hemmes' - St Mary's Thistle - 200ml

Hilde Hemmes' - St Mary's Thistle - 200ml

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BOTANICAL NAME: Silybum marianum

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and plays a key role in digestion, metabolism and detoxification. St Mary's thistle supports healthy liver function, as well as maintaining general health and well-being.

Each 14 mL dose contains Silybum marianum extract equivalent to dry fruit 7 g. This product is alcohol-free.

St Mary’s Thistle (also known as milk thistle) supports healthy liver function and as an antioxidant helps to reduce free radical damage to body cells.
Maintains general health and well-being.

St Mary’s Thistle has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of indigestion and mild varicose veins.

NOTE - Please seek medical advice from your Health Practitioner before trying this product.  The information given on this website is not medical advice and should be researched individually before trying.