Australian Native - Midyim Berry - Austromyrtus dulcis

Australian Native - Midyim Berry - Austromyrtus dulcis

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Midyim berry (aka. midgen berry, sand berry) are one of the most delicious of all the Australian Native bush tucker plants, similar in taste and appearance to the blueberry.  Native to coastal eastern Australia from Valla, New South Wales to Fraser Island, Queensland. 

Small white star-shaped flowers appear in early Summer. White five-petalled flowers to 8mm in Spring.  

Keep the soil moist and well-fed (every 2 weeks-month with seaweed solution) to ensure a good harvest of berries in the following months.  The berries are white globular fruit to 10mm with Blue / Black Spots, sweet-tasting and aromatic, with a pleasant gingery flavour.

A light trim after harvesting will help keep the plant bushy and encourage new growth, rewarding with a another crop the following season.

It makes an attractive border, rockeries or pot plant and can even be trimmed into a low growing hedge.  Great in hanging baskets, and as a habitat for small birds, bees and butterflies.

Sow seed approx. 5mm deep in well draining soil, Germination is approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

Fruits from Year 1 onwards, peak fruiting from around 5 years onwards.

Form: Spreading Shrub to 2 metres

Aspect: Full Sun / Semi-Shade. Tolerates dry conditions, humidity, and light frost once established.

Soil/Conditions: Sandy / Well-Drained

10 seeds per packet