Chilli - Pequin

Chilli - Pequin

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The Pequin Chilli is also known as Pequin Pepper or Chile Pequin. It grows wild in Mexico.

The Pequin grows around 0.3–0.6 meters tall, with bright green, ovate leaves and small chilli pods that rarely exceed 2cm in length. Like most chilli pods, the fruit starts out green, ripening to a brilliant red at maturity.  These little pods pack a good dose of heat being approx. 10 times hotter than a jalapeno !

A lovely little chilli plant that is very eye catching in the garden.

Flavour: Citrus & nutty flavour with some smokiness to them as well. 

Heat level:   Upper mid heat

5 seeds per packet



Spring is the best time to plant your seeds. 

It is important to keep the seed medium moist during the germination period. Misting with a spray bottle is better to use rather than pouring water over them.  Seed germination time can take between 3 to 5 weeks

When the seedlings have at least two sets of leaves (or more) you can transplant them into larger pots or into the ground where you intend to fully grow them.  If you have 3-4 seedlings in one pot, separate them gently before planting out. Keep them in the shade, out of full sun, for some days after they have been transplanted.

Don’t use fertiliser until your seedlings have grown considerably as it may burn and harm them. Chillies need fertiliser approx. once a month (in pots approx. once a fortnight).  Rooster Booster, a slow releasing fertiliser, or Seasol are great, but you can also use a fertiliser labelled for fruits and vegetables. Be aware that too much fertiliser can burn plant roots.

Watering: Take care that your chillies do not dry out; give them a drink of water every day if the weather is very hot, particularly in very warm dry regions.