Immunos Protectus (60 caps) - with Maritime Pine

Immunos Protectus (60 caps) - with Maritime Pine

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Immunos Protectus is an Ayurvedic blend of super foods, namely herbs, spices and minerals combined to assist our immune systems.

Ingredients -

  • Andrographolides 20mg
  • Maritime Pine OPC 50mg
  • Curcuminiods 25mg
  • Amalaki Extract 64mg
  • Frankincense AKKA 64mg
  • Trikatu 90mg
  • Vitamin D3 5mg
  • Selenium 15mcg
  • Zinc available 6mg
  • Shilajit Extract 64mg

We suggest that it is greatly advantageous to understand the energies of herbs and spices therefore we request you to research all these ingredients.