Jungle Balm - Lawang Oil (10ml)

Jungle Balm - Lawang Oil (10ml)

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Pure Lawang oil - Essential Oil of Cinnamomum Culilawan

Jungle Balm – Lawang Oil was discovered hundreds of years ago on 2 small islands of Indonesia.  Lawang Oil is very rare indeed!

Over 400 years ago, a villager discovered that rubbing a leaf from the Culilawan tree on his skin brought soothing effects within minutes. It wasn’t long before they discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves and bark of this plant – becoming known as Lawang Oil.  Jungle Balm – Lawang Oil is a naturally derived essential oil from a tree and is thus impossible to artificially replicate.

– Soothing effects
– Works within minutes
– Rub it on – Feel the difference
– Natural oil from the Indonesian rainforest

Jungle balm is produced from an ecologically sustainable, traditional process that has preserved the existence of this important species for hundreds of years.

The high concentration of Eugenol in the bark of Cinnamomum Culilawan (Lawang tree) makes it potentially useful for the preparation of herbal and modern medicines because they exhibit antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal and antioxidant activities.


Apply small amount to affected area. Gently massage into skin. Do not apply to sensitive areas of the body. Wash hands immediately after use.